Hour of Togetherness - The AMAL Journey

No matter what happens, some memories cannot be replaced.

Sometimes little moments have a very strong impact on your personality. You didn’t realize you are making memories but you thought you were having fun.

The Amal Journey

Amal Fellowship Program was started in December 2020. Just like any other course, I enrolled myself in this fellowship program. At that time I did not know much about this and I just wanted to give it a try. But then things started turning out. I have never thought of this lifelong and memorable experience. The things I learned here, the new experiences of getting out of comfort zone and the people I met have been the most wonderful experience. I enjoyed every moment of this fellowship.

This fellowship not only provides online courses like everyday leadership, productivity, the importance of teamwork, but also the practical experiences of these courses. These practical experiences have pushed us to unleash the true potential that lies within us. It has also made me realize the abilities that I have and highlights the strengths and weaknesses which I possessed.

Amal’s experience had given me insights and different perspectives about the professional experience through an online course and very interactive sessions. It had helped me to grow personally and professionally. Through this, I have also honed my communication skills, CV, and Cover letter writing skills.

Amal Fellows (Batch 166)

I remembered the first two weeks’ activities when I got to know my Amal Fellows and learn from their unique experiences. It was very exciting to build a network with amazing people. To share the name associated stories with fellows was also a very different experience which I have never heard of anything like that. That was a fun activity. I could not expected this beautiful journey without having my beautiful and friendly fellows.

Find your Why

The “Find your why” activity was also helpful to find our purpose. When we were reflected upon our experience and recalled the beautiful moments. I did not know why I was making this zig-zag shape and identify my good and bad experience. Watching the ted talk “Start with why” by Simon Sinek helped me to understand the importance of why. This unique idea had also made me think about the purpose of mine. This activity also leads me to read the Book “Find your Why” by Simon Sinek which I enjoy to fully understand the why statements of personal and large organizations. Why they do, what they do.

I started this journey for my personal and professional growth and to make a positive impact. Amal Journey has transformed my small perspective towards things into a broad vision and I have learned the true experience of life-long learning. It helped me to make a strong and emotional connection with my fellows. It was a true learning and memorable experience for me which had crafted a beautiful line of impact on my personality.

In the end, I am not be able to find the kind words enough to thanks my facilitators Ms. Iman Khan & Mr. Ahmad Ali who were very supportive and amicable in the entire journey. I would like to appreciate the whole Amal team’s effort to design such a beautiful journey for us and allow us to make lovely and appealing memories associated with this fellowship.

Thanks note for my facilitators

What a journey…ohh wowww….!

Aeronautical Engineer,