Beautiful and Memorable— The Amal Journey

Just like you can fit into a selfie frame, somehow you can also fit into the life just move a little bit.

This quote always keeps motivating me to explore the new journey, just give it a try to new things and then let’s see what happens. To follow this rule, I have got admission to Amal Career-Prep Fellowship Program.

By that time, I don’t know much about this fellowship program. My friend suggested me to take admission so I thought why not learn something new. So my journey begins in Amal.

Before starting this program, I never expected this beautiful, long-lasting effect on my personality and attitude. Amal Fellowship Program offered a lot of experiences, insights, self-awareness, gratitude activities, online courses, and leadership skills to polish university students which helps them to utilize in their professional lives.

Amal not only honed my soft skills like communication, time management, and leadership skills but also played a huge role in identifying my personality traits, strengths, weaknesses, and reflection on past experiences to give insights into my personality. All the courses that have been taught in this fellowship have their significance. Each course challenges you to get out of your comfort zone and demand a new version of yourself. It helped me to get things done effectively and productively. It also made me realize the true spirit of leadership without authority.

Although, the whole Amal journey have a huge impact on me. But the courses, which have a strong influence, are everyday leadership and productivity.

Everyday leadership course helped me realize my ability to act and accomplish the task on my own without waiting for someone to do it for me. Through this course, I have developed the habit of making my bed and do my work on my own. It helped me to take initiative in a situation where I am reluctant to act or to speak and share my point of view. It showed me that little deeds also have the power to inspire others. Believing in yourself is the major outcome for me.

Realizing my leadership skills, I have started making my bed when I wake up in the morning. One day, when I was making my bed my brother asked me “Khair to hana aj”. It made me think the power of little deeds and inspire others to action. It also instilled a sense of pride to keep doing what I am doing.

One of the most time management skills is the habit of organizing our tasks by priority. The productivity course provides very useful tools to overcome my procrastination habits. The Eisenhower matrix made me organize my work from not important to important tasks. The most important tip I have learned that to overcome procrastination you must have a to-do list to accomplish before starting a day. My project work submission on time is the outcome of this course.

Now I would like to extend my gratitude to the Amal team and especially my facilitators Ms. Iman Khan & Mr. Ahmad Ali who designed this beautiful and memorable career-prep fellowship program for us. It would not be possible without you.

Aeronautical Engineer,